• Production System
  • Factory Equipment Overview
  • Raw Material Production Process
  • Machining Process
  • Quality Control Initiatives

Production System

KPS (Kaibara Production System)

Production system that encompasses everything from material selection to production process and quality assurance

The KPS production process is formed by a cycle from the selection of the most optimal materials to production and all the way till post-delivery after care. By adopting KPS, we are able to respond more flexibly to the needs of customers such as low prices, short delivery lead-times, appropriate quality and appropriate lot sizes.

Integrated Production

By adopting an integrated production process from casting to machining in KPS, many merits have been generated.

Instead of reviewing individually the material production method, machining method and quality control method, the most optimal production method evaluates these in an integral manner and combines them into an optimal process.

There is a limit to the effect that can be achieved based on simply the most optimal casting method or processing method alone.

This means that the materials produced using the most optimal casting method are not necessarily the most suitable for machining. Similarly, the most suitable materials for machining are not necessarily the easiest to cast. Kaibara assesses both casting and machining in an integral manner and then combines them into an optimal production process that takes into consideration quality control as well.

The most optimal production method means adopting a production method such as a feature method that can meet the lead-time and lot requirements of the customer.

Kaibara adopts the most optimal production method for each and every order. Based on this, we are able to support shorter delivery lead-times for existing products, urgent orders and single quantity orders, all of which had previously not been possible to fulfill.