Socially-Supportive Product Lineup

We manufacture important parts fitted in key areas from specially-designed alloys, such as construction and hydraulic machinery parts, bearings for use in bridges, seismic isolation equipment in buildings, worm wheels in elevators and reduction gears, seal rings for propeller shafts in large vessels, bearings for large valves in dams and sluice gates, bush and nut in injection molding machines and so on.

Introduction to the alloys handled

We offer a rich selection of alloys such as high-strength brass, aluminium bronze, bronze, phosphor bronze, lead bronze etc.

Development of new materials

We develop materials that meet the needs of customers from an abundance of basic data and bench test data, such as strength, wear resistance and seizure resistance, that are required in frictional parts.

Introduction to Kaibara Original Materials

Original materials developed by Kaibara exhibit high strength and low frictional coefficient with excellent wear and seizure resistance.
In particular, an alloy made of the crystallized intermetallic compound Mn5Si3 exhibits high strength and the same low level of frictional coefficient as molydenum disulphide and graphite, coupled with excellent wear and seizure resistance. The alloy made of the crystallized intermetallic compound Fe3Si exhibits spherical-shaped crystal compounds with improved wear resistance without lowering the matrix strength.