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Company Profile

Our company provides order-based integrated manufacturing services for copper alloy from casting to machining, and we have received orders for hydraulics, construction machinery, industrial machinery and shipping parts from various customers.
Equipped with a total of 120 machines, we have been highly commended by customers in various fields for our processing capabilities in making high-quality cast products using continuous casting as well as vertical and horizontal casting machines in particular. Moreover, we are also known for our ability to respond to urgent requests with short delivery lead-times due to our integrated manufacturing capabilities.
Due to the commencement of operations of our factory in Suzhou, China in 2004, we are now able to support a greater variety of orders in terms of production volume and supply.
Currently, we are involved in the research and development of all frictional parts instead of only copper alloy with the aim of becoming a next generation manufacturer of advanced frictional parts.

Main Office


Company Name
KAIBARA Corporation
1216-3 Nukatabe-kitamachi Yamatokoriyama, Nara Prefecture, Japan 639−1037
Sales Department
TEL.+81-743-56-6371 FAX.+81-743-56-8686
General Affairs. Department
TEL.+81-743-56-2185 FAX.+81-743-56-8121
60,000,000 yen
Director and President Go Kaibara
Transaction Bank
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Kosaka Branch
Number of Employees
80 persons
Scope of Business
Production and sales of special alloy and frictional parts that are mainly made of copper alloy
Design, production and sales of KC metals (oil-less metals)